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Snorkelling & Glass Bottom Boat Tours from Fitzroy Island
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Snorkel Safari Tours On Fitzroy Island

Snorkeling on Fitzroy Island

Experience the underwater beauty of Fitzroy Island with our Snorkel Safari Tours. Departing directly from the beach, these tours take you to the stunning bays surrounding the island, where you can snorkel right off the boat.

Before you dive in, our expert guides will provide a detailed interpretive talk and snorkeling instructions, ensuring you have a safe and enjoyable experience. Discover the magnificent fringing reef and its vibrant marine life in one of the island's pristine bays.

Pre-Booking is highly recommended to secure your spot, as tours frequently sell out.

Tour Features

  • 2 Hour Experience
  • Exclusive snorkeling destinations
  • Two departures daily (10am & 1pm)
  • Snorkeling gear included

The Snorkel Safari tour begins with check-in at the Fitzroy Island Sports Hub (FISH). From there, you will board walk down to the beach to board the safari vessel for a short cruise to one of the bays surrounding Fitzroy Island.

Upon arrival, you will snorkel directly off the boat in a unique location not accessible from the island. The tour includes an interpretive talk by experienced guides who will lead you through the beautiful bay, showcasing the magnificent fringing reef, extensive coral formations, and diverse marine life.

Meeting Point & Times
Check-in at Fitzroy Island Sports Hub (FISH) next to the Resort Pool Tour departs daily at 10:00am and 1:00pm

Glass Bottom Boat Tours

Glass Bottom Boat Tour on Fitzroy Island Cairns

The Glass Bottom Boat Tour departs twice daily, at 9:30am and 3:00pm, offering an opportunity to view the reef without getting wet. This tour is ideal for non-swimmers and families with young children, as it explores the sheltered waters around Fitzroy Island, rich with soft coral and marine life. Each tour lasts 45 minutes and can be pre-booked or booked at the Fitzroy Island Sports Hub on the day.

Enjoy a leisurely 45-minute cruise aboard the Glass Bottom Boat Coral Viewer, departing from and returning to Fitzroy Island. The tour takes guests around the fringing reef surrounding the island, which is part of the Great Barrier Reef. Participants will enjoy an informative commentary about the vibrant marine life and coral formations, providing a unique perspective of the underwater world.

Please check-in at the Fitzroy Island Sports Hub (FISH), conveniently located next to the Resort Pool.


  • $29 per Adult (15+ years)
  • $20 per Child (4-14 years)
  • $75 per Family (2 Adults, 2 Children)

9:30am Glass Bottom Boat
Suitable for the following Cairns to Fitzroy Island Ferry options.

  • 8.00am Fitzroy Flyer
  • 8:30am Fitzroy Island Adventures

3:00pm Glass Bottom Boat
Suitable for the following Fitzroy Island to Cairns Ferry options.

  • 4:00pm Fitzroy Island Adventures
  • 4:00pm Sunlover Cruises
  • 5:00pm Fitzroy Island Flyer

Snorkelling From The Beach

Snorkeling from the beach at Fitzroy Island

Snorkelling and swimming are accessible at Welcome Bay and Nudey Beach. Snorkelling offers the perfect opportunity to explore the beautiful colours of the fringing reef and the marine life which include Nemo the clown fish and green sea turtles. Snorkelling gear can be pre-booked or hired at the Fitzroy Island Sports Hub on the day.

  • Snorkel, mask & fins $30 per set full day

Snorkeling At Nudey Beach On Fitzroy Island

Nudey Beach Fitzroy Island

Nudey Beach is an award-winning beach known for its pristine white coral sand and clear blue waters. The beach is a mix of fine sand and coral fragments, creating a unique and picturesque shoreline. The surrounding lush vegetation provides a stunning backdrop and a sense of seclusion, making it an ideal spot to set up camp for the day and take in the natural beauty of the Island.

Getting To Nudey Beach
To reach Nudey Beach from the main resort area, follow these simple directions:

  • Start at the resort buildings near Welcome Bay.
  • Head south along the path that runs past Foxy's Bar & Café.
  • Continue on the Nudey Beach Walking Track, which winds through tropical rainforest and coastal woodlands.
  • The walk takes approximately 15 minutes at a leisurely pace and offers beautiful views of the island's natural scenery.

The snorkeling at Nudey Beach is exceptional, offering visitors the chance to explore the fringing reef that is part of the Great Barrier Reef. The calm, sheltered waters are perfect for snorkelers of all levels, including beginners and families with children. The reef is home to a diverse array of marine life, including colorful coral formations, tropical fish, and other fascinating sea creatures. The clear waters provide excellent visibility, allowing snorkelers to fully appreciate the coral reef.

There are no facilities at Nudey Beach, so bringing your own food and drinks is recommended. The natural setting provides a perfect spot to spend the day with stunning views and easy access to the water.

Snorkeling From The Main Beach At Fitzroy Island

Snorkeling at Fitzroy Island

The Main Beach at Fitzroy Island is conveniently located next to the jetty and near the resort buildings and Foxy’s Bar & Café.

Fitzroy Island's Main Beach is a long stretch of coastline offering plenty of space to find your own private spot. The beach is covered with hard coral fragments, creating a unique and fascinating shoreline. At the far end of the beach, there is a large shady tree, providing an excellent spot to spend a few hours relaxing and enjoying the scenery.

Snorkeling from the Main Beach is a fantastic experience. Look for a distinctive rock sticking out of the water with a white marking on it. This area is a particularly good snorkeling spot with vibrant corals and a variety of tropical fish.

The clear, calm waters make it easy to explore the fringing reef, which is part of the Great Barrier Reef. Snorkelers can enjoy observing the diverse marine ecosystem, including colorful corals, fish, and other sea creatures. The proximity to the beach means you can easily take breaks and relax under a shady tree or on the sandy shore.