Walks on Fitzroy Island

Walks on Fitzroy Island
Fitzroy Island WalksSecret Garden TrackNudey Beach TrackLighthouse Road TrackSummit Track

Fitzroy Island Walks

The Summit Fitzroy Island

Fitzroy Island National Park offers some amazing walking opportunities for visitors. Walking is one of the best ways to explore and experience the different rainforest flora and fauna on the Island. There are four main walking trails in Fitzroy Island National Park that range from 30 minutes to 3 hours, each at varying fitness levels.

The Secret Garden Track (700 meters return, 25 minutes) is a pleasant, moderately challenging walk that winds through tropical rainforest, offering interpretive signs and a viewing platform for a peaceful nature immersion.

The Nudey Beach Track (1.2 km return, 45 minutes) is a moderate walk that takes you through rainforest and coastal woodlands to the stunning white coral beach, perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

For those seeking a more challenging hike, the Lighthouse Road Track (3.6 km return, 2 hours) offers a steep climb through rainforest to the lighthouse, where panoramic views and historical displays await.

Finally, the Summit Track (4 km return, 3 hours) includes a section of the Lighthouse Road and ascends to the island's summit, providing breathtaking views of the island and mainland, with a descent through woodland and heathland. Each track showcases the island's natural beauty and diverse ecosystems, making Fitzroy Island a hiker's paradise.

Secret Garden Track

Secret Garden Track

Secret Garden Track
Distance: 700 meters return
Duration: 25 minutes

Starting from the western edge of the jetty, the Secret Garden Track takes you on a delightful walk through a tropical rainforest, winding around massive granite boulders. Along the path, interpretive signs and a viewing platform provide informative insights into the rainforest plants and animals. The trail follows the creek line through a sheltered rainforest, featuring seasonal creek views and interpretive signs that reveal the secrets of the surrounding flora and fauna.

This tranquil walk offers a chance to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Fitzroy Island's lush jungle. As you walk, listen for the distinctive calls of Orange Footed Scrub Hens, Varied Trillers, and Rose-Crested Fruit-Doves. Keep an eye out for Bar Sided Skinks darting around your feet, and look up to catch glimpses of Green Triangle Butterflies fluttering overhead.

At the end of the track, a spacious platform provides a perfect spot to rest and appreciate the uniquely balanced ecosystem around you.

  • Difficulty: Moderately challenging
  • Time to Complete: Approximately 30 minutes
  • Recommended Gear: Good shoes and plenty of water
  • Total Duration: Allow 45 minutes for the return journey from the jetty.

This trail is ideal for hiking and walking, offering a peaceful experience with minimal encounters with other people.

Nudey Beach Track

Nudey Beach Track View

Nudey Beach Track
Distance: 1.2 km return
Duration: 45 minutes
Grade: Moderate

Starting from the western edge of the jetty, the Nudey Beach Track offers a relatively easy walk through tropical rainforest and coastal woodlands, leading to the beautiful white sands of Nudey Beach, the most popular spot for swimming and snorkeling on the island.

The trail begins at the western edge of the resort, winding through lush rainforest and coastal woodlands to reach the picturesque Nudey Beach. The track is mostly bitumen, but features steep stone steps and boulders in some sections, which some walkers may find challenging.

The Nudey Beach Track is renowned for its striking contrasts, from the vivid greens of the rainforest to the giant granite boulders and the stunning blue waters beyond. As you walk, keep an eye out for distinctive rainforest inhabitants, such as the Cluster Figs, White Starfish Orchids, and Bird Nest epiphytes. The trail crosses three small bridges and culminates with a spectacular view of the world-famous Nudey Beach.

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Time to Complete: Allow 45 minutes return
  • Recommended Gear: Good shoes, plenty of water, and beach gear

Most people plan to stay and enjoy Nudey beach fo a few hours. The snorkeling at Nudey Beach is exceptional, offering visitors the chance to explore the fringing reef in the calm, sheltered waters. There are plenty of shaded spots where you can set up cam for the day.

There are no facilities at Nudey Beach, so bringing your own food and drinks is recommended.

Lighthouse Road Track

Lighthouse Road Track Fitzroy Island

Lighthouse Road Track
Distance: 3.6 km return
Duration: 2 hours
Grade: Difficult

The Lighthouse Road Track is a challenging hike that starts from the north-eastern end of Welcome Bay. This very steep concrete road climbs through lush rainforest towards the lighthouse. During the ascent, hikers will encounter a lookout that offers stunning views of the northern side of the island on clear days.

At the base of the lighthouse, when a ranger is on duty, visitors can explore an informative display detailing the maritime history of Fitzroy Island and the lighthouse's role during World War II.

From the lighthouse, the trail rewards hikers with spectacular 360-degree views of Fitzroy Island and the surrounding ocean, making the difficult walk well worth the effort.

A lookout on the windy north side of the island provides views of Green Island on clear days. In winter, hikers might even spot migrating humpback whales from the lighthouse, adding to the trail's allure.

Difficulty: Difficult, due to the length and steepness of the road.
Time to Complete: Allow 2 hours return
Recommended Gear: Good shoes and plenty of water

Hikers can return the way they came or take the Summit Track for an alternative route. This challenging walk offers a rewarding experience for those willing to tackle the steep ascent, with breathtaking views and historical insights along the way.

Summit Track

Summit Track Fitzroy Island

Summit Track
Distance: 4 km return (including a section of the Lighthouse Road Track)
Duration: 3 hours
Grade: Difficult

To begin the Summit Track, follow the Lighthouse Road for 1.2 km to the signposted Summit Track trailhead on the right. This boulder-strewn track climbs 600 meters through woodland to the summit, which stands at 269 meters. At the summit, slabs of granite and windswept casuarina trees frame magnificent views over the island, surrounding reefs, and mainland.

From the summit, the track descends for 2.2 km through woodland, offering stunning views of the island and mainland. The trail exits near the camping area. The track is steep and rough, with many steps, and should only be undertaken by fit and healthy walkers. It can be walked in either direction.

  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • Time to Complete: Allow 3 hours return
  • Recommended Gear: Good shoes, plenty of water

The Summit Track is recommended only for fit walkers due to its steepness.

The Track is a loop and can be completed in both directions. When starting from the camping area the track ascends steeply through open woodland to the summit, providing perfect spots to relax and take in the scenery with views of the island, the Coral Sea, and the mountain ranges. The trail then winds down amongst the boulders to join the Lighthouse Road.