Camping on Fitzroy Island

Stay at the Fitzroy Island Campgrounds
Camping At Fitzroy Island

Camping At Fitzroy Island

Fitzroy Island Campgrounds

If you wish to stay longer at Fitzroy Island, you can camp overnight at Fitzroy Island Campgrounds.

Fitzroy Island Resort manages the campgrounds on behalf of the Cairns Regional Council. Each tent can only be a maximum of 3 meters x 3 meters with 2 adults and 2 children per site. Camping gear is not supplied and campers need to supply all their own equipment including tents, sleeping gear and camping stove.

The campgrounds include showers, toilets and BBQ facilities, as well as picnic tables. You will need to supply your own drinking water and food. As sites are limited, bookings are essential.

Campsites are from $39/night per tent (max 4 people).

Campsite and equipment package
You can also book a campsite and equipment package with the resort for $97 per night (2 people)

Camping kits for 2 people include the following:

  • 1x trolley
  • 1x tent (requires set up)
  • 2x sleeping mats
  • 2x sleeping bags
  • 2x pillows
  • 2x camp chairs
  • 1x esky
  • 1x lamp

Booking a Campsite
You can book campsites online at the Fitzroy Island Resort website:
Book a campsite at Fitzroy Island